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Pothole Reporter is an industry led solution for fixing potholes. The idea is to have a cloud based system that the public, county councils and contractors can collaborate on to speed up the fixing of potholes and to make the maintenance process more efficient.

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Please enter the postcode of the location where you want to see reported potholes. If you don't know the postcode click the red x at the top right of the search box and zoom in on the map to search for potholes.

You can download for free, simply go to Google App Store search and download the app. If you have any pothole picture submit to the, it will put on the backend of the map, they will be seen by Highway Authority if they are using the app. Once it has been fixed, it will be published by Highway Authority and show on the dashboard map.

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How it Works

The public or anyone using the app can report a pothole using the Pothole Reporter free mobile app. Images of the potholes are sent to a web application used by the county councils and contractors to monitor volumes of potholes in an area.

When it is economical to send a maintenance gang to fix as many potholes as possible, the maintenance gangs will use the pothole reporter mobile app to take a before and after picture of the fixed potholes. Images taken by the gangs include a time stamp which records the position of the pothole and the time it was fixed.

Once the fix has been completed and verified the completed work will be published on the pothole reporter website map so the originator of the pothole problem can see that the pothole has been properly fixed, completing the defect report.

Our Features

Pothole fixing verification for the public

The public can take pictures of potholes which are sent to a web application for the CC to review and inspect. Once the problem is fixed completed potholes are posted on the pothole reporter website interactive map.  

Before and after pictures

When the contractor can see enough potholes that need fixing. Maintenance gangs will fix the pothole and take a before and after picture. This demonstrates how well the pothole was fixed. 

Timestamp to demo longevity of pothole fixes

A timestamp of each pothole image is recorded by the pothole reporter app. This enables clients and contractors to measure the effectiveness of the pothole fix. 

Materials and techniques evaluation

The use of the pothole reporter app and web application enables county councils and contractors to monitor the effectiveness of differing pothole solutions.

Maintenance admin Web Application

The pothole reporter web application and integrated website enables the public, county councils, principle contractors, subcontractors to work together to enable to most efficient way of fixing the pothole problem.

Reporting Functionality

Pothole reporter enable users to extract useful data on pothole maintenance facilitating continuous improvement.


Pothole Reporter is brought to you by MTS Environmental Ltd. We are a team of Scientists and Engineers who use cloud based systems to fix environmental problems. As part of our consultancy we have spent many years implementing waste management systems and solutions within the civil engineering industry and we view pothole reporter as a waste minimisation initiative. By increasing the life of the existing road asset through efficient maintenance our clients can manage the surfacing budgets more effectively.

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