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Pothole Reporter is an industry led solution to speed up pothole repairs. The idea is that the public, County Councils and contractors identify potholes using a free mobile app that immediately sends a photograph and location data to a cloud application. County Councils use this data to plan maintenance work and track pothole repairs. 


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How it Works

Anyone can report a pothole using the Pothole Reporter free mobile app, which you can download from the App Stores. When you photograph a pothole and submit it to, it will be recorded and viewed by the Highway Authority if they have access to Pothole Reporter. This is a web application used by county councils and contractors to monitor the number of potholes and repairs in their area of responsibility.

When it is cost effective to repair potholes in a particular location, the repair team will take a before and after image of a pothole scheduled for repair using the mobile app. These images include a time stamp which records the position of the pothole and the time it was repaired.

Once the pothole is fixed and the repair verified, it is published as a green pin on the pothole reporter map (above). 


Our Features

Pothole Repair verification

When a pothole is reported by a member of the public using our mobile app, the photo is sent to a web app that County Councils use to review, inspect and categorise the pothole. Once the pothole is fixed, details are posted on the Pothole Reporter interactive map.   

Before and after pictures

When a pothole is scheduled for repair, the maintenance gang takes a before and after photograph of the pothole to update the Pothole Reporter interactive map and to provide a visual record of the work carried out.  

Timestamp to demo longevity of pothole fixes

A timestamp of each pothole image is recorded by the pothole reporter app. This enables clients and contractors to measure the effectiveness of the pothole fix. 

Materials and techniques evaluation

The use of the pothole reporter app and web application enables county councils and contractors to monitor the effectiveness of differing pothole solutions.

Maintenance admin Web Application

The pothole reporter web application and integrated website enables the public, county councils, principle contractors and subcontractors to work together to apply the most efficient way of fixing the pothole problem.

Reporting Functionality

Pothole reporter enables users to extract useful data on pothole maintenance, facilitating continuous improvement.


Pothole Reporter is brought to you by MTS Environmental Ltd. We are a team of scientists, engineers and cyclists who use cloud systems to fix environmental problems. As part of our consultancy we have spent many years implementing waste management systems in highways maintenance and construction via our integrated waste management system.

We built Pothole Reporter as a waste minimisation initiative. By increasing the life of the existing road network through efficient maintenance, our clients can manage surfacing budgets more effectively which results in less waste and we get to build cool software!

  • and the Mobile App has been invaluable in demonstrating how effective our AR15 pothole repair solution is at enhancing the maintenance process. We will use Pothole Reporter in collaboration with our clients on any highways authority network we work on.

    Michael Davidson - Brookvex

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